Monday, September 19, 2005

PGW Annouces New Web Site.
PGW announces a new web site located at { } that will host many informational links, announcements, meetings, memberships and just as important . . . sponsorship. It's new name will be Gang Watchers and it's main purpose will be to educate California regarding current gang legislation and new legislative proposals, such as "3 Bust's and it's on". It's secondary purpose will be to chart and graph validated gang activity throughout Porterville and the surrounding areas within Tulare County; as a prototype for the other counties. In the months to come, you will be able to call or petition your legislator concerning this new legislative proposal and inform them just how serious an issue this is. Stay tuned . . . we've just begun.

Friday, September 16, 2005

By Kara D. Machado, The Porterville Recorder
The shooting last month of a local teen has prompted a grassroots war on gangs. Although the days between the day Rachelle Williams, 15, of Porterville, was shot march on, the impact has remained fresh for friends, family and at least one man who has never met her. To read more see the (
09-13-05) article from the Porterville Recorder in the left hand column. To Pray for Rachelle's recovery, please write your prayers in the comments section below. GOD BLESS !

Saturday, September 10, 2005


It's time to play the Name Game. The object of this game is to name as many gang's from the Porteville and surrounding area by the end of the month. Since many of our businesses, schools and homes are being tagged on a daily basis . . . we shall do the same - this month - by naming the gangs. So, in the comments link below please list the names like this.

Town - Gang - Area

Porterville - X4 - D St.

Thanks . . .

Friday, September 09, 2005

This week end you'll read about those who have personally been affected by gang violence. You're going to read when it happened, and more than likely who did it. And some will tell you why there's still a hole in the heart of their family. Helping the others pass out the flyers this week end, I too heard the stories. And now I want to help even more. So . . . let me put out a call to all Churches in the Porterville area. Now is the time to arise ! Now is the time to walk the streets. Now is the time to take back our city . . . if not for our children, then for our GOD. I adjure you all by GOD's most Holy Name . . . arise and be counted ! TODAY !!!

In the comment section below, I need you to just list the name of your church, signifing you will pray, participate, or help with talking with gang-bangers who want to get out. We will contact your church later this week. Thank you . . .

Tag the Taggers
Last week (WSP) X4's thought it was cute tagging some mail boxes and trash cans over on Putnam Ave. Well, we found someone who saw you little no-counts that night. She told us where you punks hang out and as soon as we get your names you'll get all the attention you deserve. Oh . . . I lest I forget, the local authorities will also be notified. Have a PGW day !

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Good afternoon
Porterville Gang Watchers,

This morning I got up and asked GOD what HE wanted me to do so early . . . and low and behold this was the result. Now I know that it will take a little time to figure out how to click all the right buttons but we can all learn a new thing.

This BLOG, as many of you already know, is well over-due. And I hope that it will be a tool that our school age children can access and leave messages on.

The most important is this . . . GANG ACTIVITY in Porterville is all of our responsibility and we all need to pull together to make this work. So get on line, tell your friends about the sight and then lets start posting the names of those who are in gangs and those who think their in.

Now . . . the Christian's in town need to use this information to pray for these thugs to either get saved or get out of Porterville. I for one, refuse to look the other way any more and allow innocent children to be bullied or become another statistic.

So . . . the goal is simple.

If you know the name and where abouts of these gang-bangers, this is the place to list them. If you know where they hang out, this is the place to list them. If the gang bangers want to see their names on this blog . . . by all means they can look . . . but so will everyone else.



Welcome to Porterville Gang Watchers

Today marks the beginning of Porterville's residents taking back their city.

Let September 6th. - from here on out - be known as "GANG WATCHERS DAY".

This blog will serve the law abiding citizens of Porterville and all of it's law enforcement agencies in Tulare County, California.

BLOG OATH : To this end we (Citizens & Servants) shall work together to help make Porterville a safer place for all of GOD's people. We "PROMISE" to use this blog in a respectful manner to help protect the identity of all bloggers. We also "PROMISE" to use this blog to reveal the names of gangs that attempt to claim parts of our city. And lastly, We "PROMISE" to use this blog to assist our local authorities with the names and places where gang-bangers and thugs hang out or where a crime may have been committed. "So help us GOD".

Now, if you are ready . . . let the blogging begin !


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